Is Kingroot 100% Safe? Really – Check out why?

Kingroot is one of the most popular rooting applications for Android. It has been rated as the best One Click Rooting application. Kingroot allows you to root your mobile with 1 simple and easy click. But sometimes people doesn’t prefer using these One Click Root apps because many of these are not safe but Kingroot is not among those apps. Kingroot is one of the finest and best applications which has also won awards for their rooting solutions. Kingroot is the only application which helps in rooting all kind of Android Device either it is Android 2.3 or Android 7.0 based device it can root every version of Android. There isn’t any pinch of think that Kingroot Is 100% Safe for rooting Android.

Is Kingroot 100% Safe?


It might happen that Kingroot doesn’t work properly on every other device but it ensures of that is 100% safe and lets their user make a backup of their data before starting the root process. Kingroot is 100% Safe in all measures such as security, backup of data and much more. The best part of Kingroot is that if you’re not able to root your phone directly through your mobile phone then it also has a One Click Root solution which can be used with the help of your PC. You can find it on their Official website. Now, let’s read features of this application to know why Kingroot Is 100% Safe.

Features – Why Is Kingroot 100% Safe For Rooting Android Devices:

  • It is a One-Click Rooting application which means that you can’t face any issues while downloading and installing or even rooting your phone all you need to do is click on Root and all is done for you.
  • It is a Free Android application to root your mobile, therefore, you need not take care of buying it to root your Mobile. IF you face any problems while rooting then you can also contact their support team and they would love to get in touch with you to help in serving their best to you.
  • You don’t require to have any kind of active connection on your Phone. You will just be required to download the application on your mobile and then you’re good to go with it without even having any active internet connection on your Mobile.
  • You need to think about security and safety of Data stored in your Mobile Phone as it won’t effect anything on to your Phone data but just create a root access to your root files without evening changing the files and their types but still, it is recommended to take backups before rooting your phone.

How To Safely Root Android Device Using Kingroot:

Note: It is always recommended to download any of the application only through their official website for safety.

  • Step 1: First, you will be required to Download Framaroot on your Device. You can download it from their official website or else you can also click here to start downloading the apk file now.
  • Step 2: After the download completes. You will be required to open Downloads Folder on your Phone and install the application.
  • Step 3: After Installation completes you will be required to open Kingroot. Once you open the app you will notice that it will start searching your mobile if it’s already rooted or not. If it finds that your phone is not already rooted then you will see a Root button present there otherwise, you will see a message that your phone is already rooted.
  • Step 4: Now, You only need to click on Root and you’re all done.


Remember your phone might flash 2-3 times while it is under rooting process. Once the rooting process ends you will be required to Restart your mobile to let the changes affect on your Mobile.

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