How To Recover From Bricking – Soft Brick and Hard Brick Issues

Recovering From Bricking: Many people have gone through bricking of their devices. Many people think that if their device is bricked then they will not be able to use their Phone anymore but actually, it isn’t so. Bricking just means that your phone has encountered some problems while installing any new ROM or flashing your device. Most of the devices brick due to abnormal activities, while the phone is under rooting process like uneven switching off the phone or else removing battery, can lead to such issues. Sometimes improper flashing or device and installing not supported ROM can also lead to Bricking of your device but after all, you have the solution to unbrick your device.

How To Recover From Bricking – Soft Brick and Hard Brick Issues:

You can easily Recover From Soft and Hard Bricking Issues all you need to do is get in touch with the support team of your Mobile Manufacturers and ask them the best solution for it. But you will be required to tell them what and why your phone is actually bricked so for that it is best to contact any nearest Service Center rather than contacting them online which can sometimes create a big issue. You can also Recover From Soft Bricking and Hard Bricking Issues yourself all you need to know all the things about bricking of Android Devices. If you don’t know anything about it then you will be required to move to any service center near and get the problem resolved As soon as possible. Before proceeding further let’s check the things which will help us in identifying if your phone is bricked or not.

How To Know If Android Phone is Bricked Either Soft Bricked Or Hard Bricked:

  • The phone seems to be dead at all times whenever you try turning it on or even when if you put it in charge. The screen of your phone doesn’t come’s up or even lights which show’s that your phone is completely dead.
  • The Device won’t turn at all even if you put all your hard efforts. Nothing will neither the screen will light or come up even if you put your phone in charge while turning it on.
  • It might happen that your phone is turning on but suddenly it shuts down on the logo or main screen.
  • The phone starts properly but again it starts turning off with vibration or making any other sound.

If you find any of same the things mentioned above in your phone then you can say that your phone is bricked and is in condition near to dead but actually which can be recovered by taking your phone to any service center near to you.

How To Get Bricking Fixed:

As mentioned above either you will be required to all knowledge about Android Operating System or else you will be required to take your to any of the nearest Service Center for a proper check up of the device and restoring. If any Service Center ignores the issues or says a proper “NO” that the device can’t be rooted then there isn’t anything which you could to regain access to your Phone. It is very common that people at Service Center ignore problems because either this kind of problems need a phone replacement or replacement of motherboard which means you have to pay 50% price of the phone or even more. So, they ignore the issues say “No” to you.


The last solution which you have to regain access to your phone is only going to Customer Support Service. If people at service centers say a proper “No” to you then you don’t have any option rather than giving it for free to your workers :p


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